Autumn TV preview

Playlist 19 Videos Autumn TV preview 02:13 James Nesbitt teases Cold Feet Series 2: 'There's a very good opening fantasy sequence!' 01:45 Ordinary Lies' Matt Di Angelo: 'Fletch has got a chip on his shoulder, just like Dean' 04:36 Noel Sullivan: 'It's hard being thrown on the scrapheap at a young age' 03:14 Ordinary Lies' Noel Sullivan: 'I'm working to reclaim my surname!' 03:35 Ordinary Lies' Con O'Neill: 'I wouldn't do what Joe does – but I understand why he does it' 04:36 Cel Spellman reveals the deep football rift with Cold Feet dad James Nesbitt 04:53 Victoria star Flemming: 'I love Jenna Coleman like my daughter!' (VIDEO) 03:10 John Thomson on Cold Feet reunion: 'It's a bit like recruiting all the old cons for another job!' 04:34 Hermione Norris: 'I thought coming back to Cold Feet was a terrible idea!' 04:42 Jenna Coleman: 'Victoria is just a fascinating story' 01:13 Colin Morgan on the appeal of dark roles: 'I think I look for a challenge' 01:54 Colin Morgan: ‘The Fall series three – I’d be silly not to!’ 02:57 Ken Stott: Series two of The Missing has a 'flimsy premise' 04:09 BAFTA Television Awards 2015: Michelle Keegan 02:12 Ordinary Lies' Jo Joyner: I hope viewers sympathise and understand Beth's lie 03:40 Mark Jordon returns to Emmerdale: 'I felt like I was only here a week ago!' 04:58 Emmerdale stars reveal it took 7hrs to film window escape scene! 02:56 Emmerdale stars talk Leyla and Pete's wedding: 'It's all been a bit of a mishap' 04:01

A preview of the best British drama coming to our screens, including the return of Cold Feet, Poldark, The Missing and Ordinary Lies plus new series Victoria, Dark Angel and Tutankhamun

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