The Voice UK’s ‘If Tom didn’t come back, I don’t know if I’d have come back!’

Playlist 19 Videos The Voice UK's 'If Tom didn't come back, I don't know if I'd have come back!' 03:54 Michelle John: ' is singing and I'm rapping in The Voice final' 04:22 The Voice finalists Into the Ark: Win or lose, we're going on tour with Tom Jones 04:37 Jennifer Hudson: 'I'm very confident... I've got half The Voice UK finalists!' 03:48 Gavin Rossdale on Voice UK fears: 'I was worried I'd have no singers on my team!' 04:45 Sir Tom Jones returns to The Voice: ‘I’m glad the public were upset’ by my exit 05:09 Jennifer Hudson: ‘I KNOW I have the winner of The Voice UK!’ 03:46 Emma Willis: The Voice on ITV ‘feels like an old friend who’s gone to the hairdresser’s!’ 03:47 The Voice winner Jermain Jackman: 'My album is going to be very soon' 03:39 Mark Jordon returns to Emmerdale: 'I felt like I was only here a week ago!' 04:58 Emmerdale stars reveal it took 7hrs to film window escape scene! 02:56 Emmerdale stars talk Leyla and Pete's wedding: 'It's all been a bit of a mishap' 04:01 Soap Spoilers: EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale – August 14 03:14 7 Things on TV That Made Us Smile This Week: August 4 01:37 Corrie spoilers: Steve proposes to Leanne, but what will she say? 01:14 Soap Spoilers: EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale - August 4 03:12 Soap Spoilers: EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale – July 31 03:15 Soap Spoilers: EastEnders, Coronation Street & Emmerdale – July 24 03:11 7 Things on TV That Made Us Smile This Week: July 21 01:24

Music producer and Black Eyed Peas star had said he was happy to return as a coach on The Voice UK, which moves to ITV on Saturday night - on one condition...

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