Team Will: “We’re nervous and excited!”

Will.I.Am's final three The Voice contestants spoke to What's On TV about their fear and excitement ahead of the quarter-finals on Saturday.

The final three members of team Will.I.Am all admitted they are nervous but excited ahead of the The Voice quarter-final tomorrow.

Jason Jones, Michelle John and Tanya Lacey spoke to What’s On TV about their preparation as they go head to head to stay in the competition.

Speaking of his time in the competition, Jason said: “It has been amazing and surreal.”

Michelle said: “I feel like it has stretched me, in terms of your performance, your vocals connecting. It has been a growing experience as well.”

And the contestants gave a teaser into the songs they are singing tomorrow night. Tanya said: “My song is really loud, it’s really vibrant. It allows me to dance around and bring that energy, and that’s what I’m about as an artist so it’s perfect for me.”

Jason said: “So far most of the songs I have sang have been current and commercial, so that’s kind of the direction I want to stay in. Also I’m going to try and mix the song up and make it my own, and the song I’m singing at the weekend allows me to do that.”

Michelle said: “I feel like my song is the ultimate girl power, strong woman anthem, and for some reason I feel really at home singing it.”

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