Leanne is horrified after she wakes up with a hangover and remembers that Steve proposed to her the night before.

To Leanne’s horror, Steve is secretly planning a proper proposal, and with the help of Oliver he gets down on one knee outside the Rovers.

Leanne is mortified, how will she get out of it?

Elsewhere on the Street Robert is anxious when Michelle doesn’t come home all night.

The police eventually get in touch and assure Robert that Michelle is safe, but Robert is certain that Rich abducted Michelle.

Police tell Robert that Rich had an alibi, but he beats Rich as a warning for him to stay away.

Gary finds himself under a pile of bricks after carrying out a job under the influence, and his boss demands £10,000 to cover the damage.

In a desperate situation, Gary agrees to take the job in the Ukraine, but tells Sarah the job is in Hamburg!