X Factor is out to ‘kill’ Strictly Come Dancing, says Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Louis Walsh, the only judge to have sat on the panel for every series of the show, has said that finding a superstar was vital for the upcoming series, as the latest round of auditions took place at Wembley, in London.

“It’s not like any other year. We have been told we have to find stars. Proper stars.”

Referring to BBC ratings rival Strictly Come Dancing, Louis added: “We have to make the show the biggest show on TV. We have to kill that other show, the dancing show for older people. We have to find stars. We’re looking for a new One Direction, a new Olly Murs, a new Ella [Henderson]. We’re looking for people who are going to have proper careers.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, fellow judge Cheryl, who is rumoured to have a long-running disagreement with Louis, had different ideas…

“I want to find someone fresh. People are always saying we’re looking for the next One Direction, we’re looking for the next Olly Murs.

“I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for someone that’s new and fresh and that we haven’t got in the industry at the moment.”

Fans can expect all of the judges to be outspoken this year – Mel B has already gained a reputation for being strict with contestants, but claimed she was “just honest”.

Cheryl says Mel has brought out her mischievous side.

“Melanie is trouble but in the best way possible. In fact, she brings out trouble in me so maybe the two of us together are trouble.”

Asked whether she was preparing any insults for Simon Cowell, who famously sacked her from the US version of the show, Cheryl added: “They’re natural, they just come out naturally because he’s so rude sometimes, they just flow off my tongue.”

The X Factor is expected to return to ITV on August 30 for its 11th season.

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