X Factor auditions round three – and Simon and Louis fight over this singer

The X Factor auditions rolled on into round three… and it was judge Louis Walsh who found himself being cut up by head judge Simon Cowell’s famously sharp tongue.

Out walked Paul Akister (pictured), who was sent home by Louis in last year’s X Factor – and Louis didn’t look happy to see him.

Paul sang Jealous Guy, by John Lennon, and Simon said: “I think, Louis, you owed the guy an apology. You made a mistake, admit it.”

“No I didn’t, no way. I don’t have to apologise. I did the right thing,” Louis insisted.

But Mel B and Cheryl sided with Simon.

“It was sexy and you can really sing,” Mel told Paul.

“I think you’re an incredible singer,” added Cheryl.

“Shame I wasn’t here last year,” Simon said. “But I’m here now. You’ve got four yeses.”

And that was without Louis being asked to vote.

Other hits of the night included Ten Senah, who got off to bad start by turning up a little drunk but redeemed herself with her voice, US Air Force man Charlie Martinez, who got a “holy hotness yes!” and a hug from Mel, twins The Brooks, who Cheryl found “so cute it’s unbelievable” and fishmonger Lola Saunders.

“I gut the fish, clean it, serve it and stink of it,” Lola told the judges. “But I want to sing.”

And she did and Simon told her: “That was a fangastic audition. You have real soul.”

Monica Michael was another singer who stood out for the judges – especially Cheryl, who was moved to tears.

“My little sister saw me go off the rails,” Monica told the judges. “I want to inspire her and show my family I’ve turned my life around.”

She sang one of her own songs, called Pretty Little Sister and Cheryl told her: “I absolutely loved that song. In fact, I would download it tomorrow. I think you’re fantastic.”

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The X Factor continues on ITV, Sunday, September 7, 8.00pm

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