WOTV’s best TV programmes EVER

What is the greatest TV show ever? It’s a question that has puzzled the greatest minds for decades.

No more.

We What’s On TV writers have voted for our favourite TV shows and collated the results using a devilishly complex points system – and here are the results..

What do you think of our choices?  

1st Dallas

2nd Tenko 

3rd Six Feet Under 

4th Mad Men 

5th The Sopranos

6th The Office 

7th Fawlty Towers 

8th Friends 

9th Cagney and Lacey 

10th Only Fools and Horses 

11st Band of Brothers 

12th Corrie 

13th The Simpsons 

14th Sex and the City 

15th Dynasty 

16th Our Friends In The North 

17th The Thick of It 

18th Father Ted 

19th Have I Got News For You 

20th My So Called Life 

21st Home and Away 

22nd The Singing Detective 

23rd Game of Thrones 

24th Beverly Hills 90210 

25th Black Books 

26th Thirtysomething 

27th Nurse Jackie 

28th I Claudius 

29th Friday Night Lights 

30th Match of the Day 

31st The Family 

32nd Melrose Place 

33rd Cagney & Lacey 

34th Blackadder 

35th I’m Alan Partridge 

36th Brass Eye Special 

37th Star Trek 

38th The Killing 

39th Strictly Come Dancing 

40th Touch of Frost 

41st Dad’s Army 

42nd This Is England 

43rd Baywatch 

44th Bleak House 

45th Saved By the Bell 

46th The West Wing 

47th Porridge 

48th Falcon Crest 

49th The Wire 

50th Prime Suspect 

51st Morecambe & Wise 

52nd Knots Landing 

53rd Roots 

54th Tom and Jerry 

55th This Life 

56th Batman: The Animated Series 

57th Battlestar Galactica 

58th Degrassi Junior High 

59th Doctor Who 

60th The Buddha of Suburbia 

61st Party of Five 

62nd Pride and Prejudice (90s version with Jennifer Ehle) 

63rd ER 

64th The Two Ronnies 

65th The Royle Family 

66th Scooby Doo 

67th Clocking Off 

68th Some Mothers Do Ave Em 

69th Gavin and Stacey 

70th Jem 

71st Little House On The Prairie 

72nd She-ra Princess of Power 

73rd Columbo 

74th Melrose Place 

75th Benidorm 

76th Neighbours 

77th Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

78th Misfits 



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