William Hurt leads cast of new Channel 4 drama Humans

Channel 4 has today announced Hollywood star William Hurt is to lead the cast of its new sci-fi drama Humans.

William Hurt stars as widower George Millican in Channel 4’s adaptation of Sweden’s award-winning drama series Real Humans.

Set in a parallel reality where a robot known as a ‘Synth’ is the must-have machine for a busy modern family, Humans follows Laura and Joe, who have recently bought a refurbished Synth. This advanced robotic servant bares an unsettling resemblance to its living owners and soon the family realise living under the same roof as a highly developed robot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Meanwhile, Oscar winner William Hurt’s character George has formed a close bond with his outmoded Synth Odi. In fact, George seems to have forgotten Odi isn’t a real person and acts like a father to the robot.

In the Club star Katherine Parkinson plays modern career woman Laura, who has a secret past. Mr Selfridge’s Tom Goodman Hill plays her husband Joe, who buys servile Synth Anita (Fresh Meat’s Gemma Chan) to help out with their busy home and three children.

Humans also stars Merlin’s Colin Morgan as Leo, a young man determined to find someone from his past, Rebecca Front (Lewis) plays NHS Synth carer Vera, and Neil Maskell (The Mimic) is DS Peter Drummond, from the Special Technologies Task Force.

Filming has just begun on the eight-part series, which is adapted by Spooks’ Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley. The hour-long episodes are due to screen in 2015.

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