War and Peace baffled Twitter (but people loved the costumes)

People were putting a lot of pressure on BBC’s new period drama – an adaptation of War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy’s story of love and loss set during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.


Some of Twitter seemed pretty pleased with how the adaptation, starring Downton Abbey’s Lily James and also James Norton and Paul Dano (among a whole lot of other big names), was turning out.


But then others were a tad annoyed about the accents going on.



And another very common theme of tweets was, well, complete confusion.






The problem is the book is very, very, very long. Hardly anyone’s finished the thousands upon thousands of pages.


But then the hot topic wasn’t what was actually going on anyway, it was the clothes.





Men’s clothes too…




There was A LOT of talk about hats.






Let’s not forget the coats.


Or the plaits.


A lot of Twitter was loving Gillian Anderson’s attire.


And just her in general really.


It’s true not everyone was a fan of the wardrobe department’s work though.



Gillian Anderson in an off-the shoulder dress

(BBC/Mitch Jenkins)


And the costumes just got too much for some of the characters at times.


Everyone started wondering when the, you know, war stuff would happen.


But then even with the war going on our screens, some people could still only talk about the clothes.


Oh, and then some weird stuff went down.




Which meant everyone started comparing it to Game Of Thrones, of course.



But a battle scene involving a horse was when it all really got too much for some Tweeters.




The question is though: will people stick with it?



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