THIS Walford favourite will find their future in jeopardy in tonight’s EastEnders

There's drama heading for EastEnders tonight as Keanu Taylor finds himself on the wrong side of the law...

Tonight’s EastEnders double bill sees drama for Keanu Taylor when things go seriously wrong while doing a job for Phil Mitchell.

Keanu has found himself well and truly welcomed into the Mitchell fold lately. Not only is he having a baby with Louise and the pair are even engaged to be married, he is also moving into the Mitchell house this week.

But while Phil thinks Keanu can do no wrong, little does he know that he has been sleeping with his wife Sharon, and could potentially be the father of her baby.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell

Keanu and Louise are looking forward to their future together

With Keanu and Sharon’s secret safe for now, Keanu is determined to stay on the right side of his future father-in-law and agrees to do a dodgy job for Phil.

He’s also determined to make some money for his future with Louise… however, it looks like he could be spending his future in prison if tonight’s episode is anything to go by.

Keanu gets stopped by police in EastEnders

Keanu’s job for Phil goes drastically wrong tonight

As Keanu heads off on the job for Phil, he soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he is pulled over and the authorities realise the car he is driving is stolen.

Deciding his best option is to make a run for it, Keanu leaps out of the car and legs it… but as the police chase after him, will they manage to catch up with him?

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But with Ben jealous of how well Keanu has got his feet under the table at the Mitchells, he is set to cause trouble by meddling, leaving Keanu to think that he won’t be able to provide for his future wife and child.

Keanu runs from the police in EastEnders

Keanu makes a run for it, but will the police catch him?

Will Ben’s troublemaking cause Keanu to make more dodgy decisions and take risks at work?

Or was this brush with the police too close for Keanu and he’ll focus on fixing cars from now on?

EastEnders usually airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

Tonight will see an EastEnders double bill at 8pm and 9pm to make way for the Women’s World Cup tomorrow evening. 

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