Top 10 Romantic Movies | No.9

Pretty Woman
, 1990

Director: Garry Marshall


 A Cinderella story with a twist, where the girl that needs rescuing is a prostitute with principles (who’d have known) and our Prince Charming is a silver-haired businessman prepared to pay for her services and lie about her profession to his associates. This doesn’t scream true love, but Julia Roberts and Richard Gere play equally emotionally dysfunctional people, unable to think outside of business. 

He shows her how to be a lady, she teaches him how to relax and, sure enough, they fall for one another, despite showing marginal sigsn of emotional growth. Even though it may not appear to be the most romantic of films, it certainly ticks the right boxes and has been enough of a guilty pleasure over the last 25+ years to make it a classic.

Best Movie Quote: “I want the fairy tale.”

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