EastEnders confirms things turn VIOLENT between two Walford favourites tonight for THIS surprise reason

The fists are flying in tonight's EastEnders as Max Branning and Ian Beale battle it out over baby Abi...

Tonight’s EastEnders promises to be action packed as Max Branning vows revenge on Rainie Branning, only for Ian Beale to stand in his way.

The last few weeks have seen Max hit rock bottom as he fought to track down Rainie and his granddaughter Abi.

However, in a surprise twist, Rainie returned to Walford last week with Stuart Highway following a brutal attack that left her in a bad way… but Max had no idea she was recovering from her ordeal just across the Square at the Beales’ house.

Max Branning in EastEnders

Max sees red when he spots Rainie across the Square (Picture: BBC)

Last night saw Max come face-to-face with Rainie in the Square after she went to the police station with Jack to give him a false alibi in return for the £75,000 that she stole from him. And everyone in the Square was left reeling when Max viciously lashed out, shoving fragile Rainie on the ground.

But tonight’s EastEnders is set to see another twist in the story when Max sees Rainie in the Square once again and races to confront her about wanting to see Abi.

However, seeing Abi is soon the last of his worries when Ian stands in the way of a vengeful Max, determined to keep Abi safe.

Max and Ian fight in EastEnders

Max lashes out at Ian, pinning him against the wall (Picture: BBC)

Unsurprisingly Max doesn’t take too kindly to Ian stopping him from getting to Rainie and Abi and things soon get out of hand as he lashes out and grabs Ian, pinning him up against the wall in anger.

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You’d think that by now Max would know that his bad temper doesn’t get him anywhere, and as things escalate, a passing Stacey is forced to intervene.

Stacey Slater in EastEnders

Stacey is horrified when she sees the state Max is in (Picture: BBC)

With Stacey being one of the few people in this world who can talk some sense into Max, will she be the one to diffuse the situation and help Max see he needs to clean up his act if he wasn’t to get access to his granddaughter?

And where does this leave Rainie? Will Max ever be able to forgive her for taking Abi away from him?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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