Today’s Neighbours sees WAR break out between these Ramsay Street residents

Finn Kelly's true colours are revealed once again as two households come to blows in Neighbours...

Today’s Neighbours sees unlikely rivals Finn Kelly and David Tanaka fighting it out over – wait for it – a baby’s cot!

Neighbours fans know that David hasn’t been in a good place since his brother Leo left town without telling anyone. But as he struggles to come to terms with the fact his sibling is no longer nearby, David is pushing away those closest to him.

Neighbours, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

David and his hubby Aaron were stunned to discover that Leo had left Erinsborough (Picture: Channel 5)

Across Ramsay Street, Finn is also not happy, but his issue is with Elly Conway and how little she is including his brother Shaun in decisions about their unborn baby’s future.

Deciding to do something nice for Elly to build bridges, Finn buys an old baby crib and decides to do it up as a surprise for Elly when she gets back from Sydney.

But little does he know, David and Aaron have also had the exact same idea.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, David Tanaka

Finn confronts David over his involvement with Elly’s unborn baby (Picture: Channel 5)

They have also bought a cot that they are painting for Elly’s baby, and when Finn heads over to borrow a sander from the pair, everyone realises that they’ve had the same idea.

But while Aaron is happy to stand down from their crib renovating, David’s competitive streak comes out and he tells Finn that they should both carry on with their cots and then let Elly decide which one she likes the best when she gets home.

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Everyone is surprised at usually-docile David’s suggestion, and the cot competition commences… but it’s clear to everyone that this is nothing to do with cribs and everything to do with David’s devastation over Leo.

Neighbours, Aaron Brennan, Finn Kelly

Aaron won’t be impressed when he hears about Finn’s verbal attack on David (Picture: Channel 5)

But Finn isn’t going to let David win that easily and heads over to confront him, warning him away from the competition, and more importantly from offering Elly advice that should be coming from Shaun.

However, as Finn’s words of warning hit David, the doctor is terrified by the menace coming from his patient and a flash of the old Finn is clear to see.

Are Finn’s true colours about to be revealed once again?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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