The Windsors to see ‘feud between Harry, Meghan, Wills and Kate’

And Princes Charles goes on strike!

The Windsors will see a big feud between Harry, Meghan, Wills and Kate, teases new star Tom Durant-Pritchard.

Tom, who’s taken over the role of Prince Harry from Richard Goulding in the C4 comedy, says the royal rift will take centre stage in the new series.

Asked what’s in store, Tom replies: “It’s a little bit exciting… so we’ve got Harry and Meghan a little further down the line.

“We’ve got a feud between Harry, Meghan, Wills and Kate and we’ve got the whole storyline between them, the Fab Four. There’s more of Harry and Meghan’s life together.”

Fans of The Windsors will know that Harry and Pippa always seem to be on the verge of running off with each other.

“Well Pippa is definitely back and in true soap style everything’s slightly fictitious but… it’s up in the air. She’s around and they do see each other but you’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

The Windsors season three

Strike! Harry Enfield as Prince Charles with Matthew Cottle as Edward, Tim Wallers as Andrew and Vicki Pepperdine as Anne

The new series sees Beatrice (Ellie White) set up a new drinks brand called “GinVoddieRum” and she wants Eugenie (Celeste Dring) to be her business partner. Meanwhile, Camilla (Haydn Gwynne) continues her plotting and Prince Charles (Harry Enfield) is on strike about pay!

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So, how did Tom go about playing Harry?

“I did so some research. The joy of this show is that it’s so current that the research is just on the news every day.

“He was just around a lot so I absorbed a fair bit of it. But it is satirical. It’s soap style, so it’s not a real impersonation, it’s a tabloid version of who he is.”

Ellie White as Beatrice, Celeste Dring as Eugenie and Katy Wix as Fergie in The Windsors

Drinks on us! Ellie White as Beatrice, Celeste Dring as Eugenie and Katy Wix as Fergie.

Talking about what we can expect, Hugh Skinner, who plays Prince William, adds: “A lot of stuff happening in real life is mirrored in the show. It’s like the Dynasty writers have been asked to write a royal drama, but just been given a copy of The Sun.”

The Windsors season three starts on C4 on Tuesday 25 February at 10pm.

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