The DUFF | DVD review – Witty high-school movie gives ugly-duckling tale a contemporary spin

THE DUFF - Mae Whitman as Bianca

A timeless rite-of-passage teen comedy with a distinctly up-to-the-minute feel, The DUFF is the smartest, sweetest, wittiest high-school movie in years.

Mae Whitman stars as a self-assured geek who gets sent into a tailspin by the discovery that in the company of her incredibly pretty best friends (Bianca A Santos and Skyler Samuels), she is the DUFF, the ‘Designated Ugly Fat Friend’. Luckily, the hunky jock next door (Robbie Amell) offers her a makeover in return for chemistry coaching, but his bitchy ex (Bella Thorne) is soon trying to derail their project.

The theme of bullying by social media gives this age-old ugly duckling tale a contemporary spin, as do the texts and hashtags that pop up all over the screen, but it is Whitman and Amell’s likeable lead performances and relaxed chemistry that ultimately make the film so appealing.


The DUFF is released on DVD & Blu-ray by Eone on 17th August.

Certificate 12. Runtime 96 mins. Director Ari Sandel.

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