The Best Animated Film of 2013 | Shortlist No 4 – Epic

EpicWe want you to tell us which was 2013′s best animated film – and help decide the winner of the Animation category in this year’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards. You can cast your vote on the Movie Preview Network website but to help you make up your mind we’re posting brief reviews of the 10 nominated films over the next 10 days. Next up is Epic.

An entertaining eco-friendly adventure yarn, Epic sees a resourceful teen magically shrunk to insect size and then thrown into a battle being waged by tiny woodland creatures. Prepare to be wowed by the giddy animated action as her allies, the Leafmen, whoosh and swoop through the skies astride their hummingbird steeds! Also impressive is the remarkably starry voice cast including Amanda Seyfried as the heroine, Colin Farrell as the Leafmen’s resolute leader, Beyoncé as their Queen and Christoph (‘Django Unchained’) Waltz as their evil adversary. Comic relief comes from Chris O’Dowd and Aziz Ansari as a snail and slug double act.

Here’s the shortlist, with our potted intros to jog your memory.

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