Soap fans can’t get enough of Road to Coronation Street for THIS reason

The Road to Coronation Street was been a huge hit yet again...

The Road to Coronation Street aired on ITV last night, and fans were full of praise for the Coronation Street spin off.

The hit drama documents the launch of Coronation Street as creator Tony Warren pitches the idea to Granada.

Road To Coronation Street

David Dawson plays legendary Coronation Street creator Tony Warren (Picture: ITV)

As the excitement behind the new TV drama builds, the cast is put together and the set is built… bringing Tony’s idea to show what happens in a normal cobbled residential street in Manchester to life.

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But while fans enjoyed the nostalgia as the drama took them back 60 years, there was one particular star they couldn’t get enough of.

Jessie Wallace wows fans 

EastEnders star Jessie Wallace, better known to soap fans as Walford’s Kat Slater, stars as actress Pat Phoenix, who took on the role of Weatherfield’s Elsie Tanner, and fans couldn’t get enough.

Road To Coronation Street

Fans couldn’t get enough of Jessie Wallace as the legendary Pat Phoenix (Picture: ITV)

They took to social media to praise the show… and made sure Jessie knew how much they enjoyed seeing her on their screens in something so different to her usual EastEnders role…

The Road to Coronation Street, written by Daran Little, was originally made by the BBC, despite the fact Coronation Street airs on ITV.

Fans thrilled as ITV air The Road to Coronation Street 

The drama was made a decade ago in celebration of Coronation Street’s 50th anniversary in 2010, and aired on BBC Four.

Since then it has been shown on ITV3 a number of times, and it was also aired on ITV1 when Tony Warren died in 2016.

Road To Coronation Street

Fans were full of praise for The Road to Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

As well as starring Jessie Wallace as Pat, the drama also sees David Dawson take on the role of the legendary Tony Warren, while James Roache played his real-life father, Bill Roache, who of course still plays Weatherfield’s legendary Ken Barlow to this day.

When The Road to Coronation Street was first aired 852,000 tuned in to watch and Jessie Wallace said it was an honour to play the role of Pat Phoenix.

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