Soap fans left in hysterics after SHOCK NUDITY in last night’s Emmerdale

Last night's hilarious scene between Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart has left fans in stitches...

Emmerdale fans have been left in hysterics after Lydia and Sam ticked another thing off of Lisa Dingle’s bucket list by streaking naked across the grounds of Home Farm.

Ever since Lisa’s heartbreaking and untimely death, the Dingles have been trying to fulfil her last wishes and do all the things she ran out of time to do. But when Sam revealed to Lydia that next on the list was streaking in broad daylight, she was left shocked at the thought.

But wanting to make Lisa proud, Lydia eventually agreed to go through with it and, with everyone at Home Farm out for the day, the pair stripped off and made a run for it…

But what Sam and Lydia didn’t count on was passing Megan on the way, who was busy doing her community service, and Priya who was out for a run.

But Priya and Megan couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw the naked pair dash past, and fans couldn’t get enough of the hilarious moment, either…

Even actor James Hooton, who plays loveable Sam Dingle thought the whole thing was hilarious…

Disaster struck for the pair though when someone took their clothes and they were forced to head home totally starkers.

Little did they know, Graham and Priya had found their clothes and while Priya was trying to spot them out the window with her binoculars, Graham was struggling to keep a straight face.

As Sam and Lydia got home they were faced with Belle, who got more than she bargained for as the pair climbed out of the van, with Sam totally naked and nothing but a road map covering Lydia’s modesty.

But while the family joked about the day’s events, the smiles were soon wiped off Sam and Lydia’s faces when a serious-looking Graham arrived with their clothes.

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The pair were terrified they were about to be sacked, but thankfully Graham – who was still secretly struggling not to laugh – just let them off with a verbal warning.

However, things soon turned serious once again when the funeral home called and told Zak that Lisa’s ashes were ready to be collected.

As the family struggled to decide where to scatter the ashes, Zak remained alone outside the house, clearly still overwhelmed after losing Lisa.

While the Dingles decide where Lisa’s final resting place should be, hopefully there will be another task on her bucket list to bring a smile back to their faces.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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