Small Screen – this week’s top ten DVDs…

  1. The Other Guys
  2. Imperfect pairing… Funny man Will Ferrell joins forces with Mark Wahlberg in this action comedy about two mismatched New York City detectives.


  3. Iron Man 2
  4. Tough exterior… Robert Downey Jr. dons Tony Stark’s suit of powered armour to do battle with some new enemies, including whip-cracking Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), in this superhero sequel.

  5. Grown Ups
  6. Arrested Development… This reunion comedy sees Adam Sandler and a bunch of his Saturday Night Live chums as old friends hooking up for a wake for their high-school basketball coach.

  7. Shutter Island
  8. Mind games… Leonardo DiCaprio plays a US marshal sent to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a remote psychiatric hospital in Martin Scorsese’s dark thriller.

  9. Marley & Me
  10. Canine chaos… Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson play a married couple whose lives are turned upside down by a havoc-wreaking dog, Marley.

  11. Devil
  12. Going down… M. Night Shyamalan sends his career to the Netherworld with his latest production – a lift-based supernatural chiller about five strangers, one of whom is the Devil, stuck in an elevator.

  13. Taken
  14. Tough love… Liam Neeson’s ex-CIA agent doesn’t let dozens of bad guys stand in the way of rescuing his abducted daughter from sex-traffickers in this furious action thriller.

  15. Green Zone
  16. Man on a mission… Matt Damon heads the cast of this conspiracy thriller as a US Army officer who is forced to go rogue as he hunts for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  17. Inception
  18. Mind over matter… This sci-fi thriller sees Leo DiCaprio leading a team of specialists into a target’s subconscious in order to plant an idea.

  19. The Hole
  20. What lies beneath… Director Joe Dante (Gremlins) returns to the family-friendly horror genre with this creepy tale about two brothers who find a mysterious hole in the basement of their new home.

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