Small Screen – this week’s top ten DVDs…

  1. RocknRolla
  2. Sex, thugs and rock ’n’ roll… Guy Ritchie’s latest crime caper follows some London criminals as they attempt to get rich quick on the back of a land deal scam.


  3. Step Brothers
  4. Family ties… Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play childlike men forced to live together when their single parents get married.

  5. Death Race
  6. Full speed ahead… In a futuristic society, a man wrongly imprisoned for murder must take part in a brutal car race to secure his freedom.

  7. Tropic Thunder
  8. Rumble in the jungle… A group of actors are dropped into the middle of a jungle to film a Vietnam war movie. The spoiled stars soon discover they’re in real danger. It’s a comedy.

  9. Mamma Mia!
  10. Dancing Queen… Meryl Streep can dance. Meryl Streep can jive. Meryl Streep is clearly having the time of her life in this money, money, money-making film version of the musical inspired by ABBA songs.

  11. Appaloosa
  12. Spurred into action… The efforts of two two friends to protect a lawless town from an evil rancher are disrupted by the arrival of a woman.

  13. The Dark Knight
  14. Cape fear… The winged wonder returns and this time his nemesis is the only man in Gotham City with more bats in the belfry than him – The Joker.

  15. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
  16. Follically challenged… Adam Sandler plays an Israeli commando who fakes his death and becomes a hairdresser in New York. Blow dry, madam?

  17. Pineapple Express
  18. Class A comedy… A stoner goes on the run with his dealer after witnessing a brutal murder. Their hopes of hiding from the killers soon go up in smoke.

  19. JCVD
  20. Muscles from Brussels… Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself as an out-of-luck actor who gets caught up in a hostage situation.

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