Sinead Tinker to get this piece of dramatic news about her tumour in Coronation Street

Sinead and Daniel head to see the consultant...

Anxious Sinead Tinker is to get the brilliant news in Coronation Street next week that her tumour has shrunk.

The young mum (played by Katie McGlynn) was first diagnosed with cervical cancer last year while she was pregnant with son Bertie.

Daniel Osbourne lies to Sinead about their new son’s bowel condition.

Sinead and Daniel have been through so much in the last few months and now they’re at last getting some good news

Sinead initially didn’t tell her husband Daniel (Rob Mallard) about her diagnosis out of fear over how he’d react.

She became convinced that her treatment for cancer would harm her unborn baby and secretly stopped having treatment, deciding instead to look into alternative therapies.

But after learning her cancer had spread, Sinead was talked into having treatment again. However, she was told before she could resume chemotherapy sessions doctors would have to deliver her baby and little Bertie was born prematurely.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker and Daniel bring Bertie home

Home sweet home! Daniel and Sinead were thrilled to bring baby Bertie home in Coronation Street

However, things seem to have turned around recently for Sinead. Firstly, she was able to take home baby Bertie and then she ended her cancer treatment, ringing a bell and reading a poem in hospital to signal the moving moment.

And now the official Coronation Street site has revealed that Sinead and Daniel will together learn the fantastic news that her tumour has shrunk.

Early release pictures show the concern on both of their faces as they talk to a consultant.

However, the consultant tells them that there’s no evidence that her tumour has spread. This is just the news they wanted to hear and does this mean things are finally looking up for the little family?

Or could there be more turmoil on the way for Sinead, Daniel and Bertie? With Katie McGlynn rumoured to be leaving the soap – something the soap hasn’t confirmed – there could be plenty of drama ahead…

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm with a second episode following at 8.30pm.

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