Sickening new twist heading for THIS Ramsay Street legend in today’s Neighbours

Neighbours today will see Andrea Somers' manipulation take a shocking turn...

Soap fans are in for a treat as today’s Neighbours focuses entirely on the Andrea/Dee/Toadie drama, bringing the soaps’ longest-running mysteries to a shocking climax.

As Andrea and the real Dee Bliss come face-to-face on a clifftop in Byron Bay, the pair are speechless at how alike they really are, but while Dee is understandably full of questions, Andrea goes into her default mode of manipulation and tells her love rival a barrel of lies.

Dee struggles to take in what Andrea is telling her and, as she asks this woman who looks exactly like her  more about Toadie, she is shocked when Andrea becomes aggressive and the pair end up fighting by the edge of the cliff.

Neighbours, Dee Bliss, Andrea Somers

Andrea and Dee come face-to-face on today’s Neighbours (Picture: Channel 5)

As the pair fight, Dee takes a terrifying plunge over the edge, leaving Andrea in shock that she might have just killed Toadie’s lost wife just minutes after finding her.

But back in Ramsay Street Toadie, who is oblivious about what is happening in Byron Bay, gets a shock when Ian turns up on his doorstep claiming that he has spoken to ‘Karen’ who has confirmed she is in fact Dee and is on a plane to Melbourne to see him.

Toadie struggles to process the news he is going to see the wife that he thought had died 16 years ago, but little does he know Ian is just part of another of Andrea’s horrific games.

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Willow Somers

Willow and Toadie are shocked by Andrea’s sudden departure from Ramsay Street (Picture: Channel 5)

As Andrea puts on a show of being shocked when Toadie tells her that Dee is on her way, she announces that she’s leaving Erinsborough to give him space to reconnect with his former wife, claiming that she has feelings for him and will find it too hard to watch them together.

But as Andrea breaks daughter Willow’s heart as she packs her bags, little do Toadie and Willow know this is just the next stage in Andrea’s sickening game of deceit.

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As Andrea prepares for the ultimate performance of a lifetime as she changes her hair and clothes to make her look like the real Dee, little does she know that back in Byron Bay her mum Heather has rescued Dee from a watery death and is nursing her back to health.

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie is set to be fooled by Andrea once again  (Picture: Channel 5)

As Dee comes round, she is shocked to find herself locked in Heather’s motel room… but it doesn’t take her long to work out from what Heather is telling her that Andrea’s claims about her and Toadie being a couple were all lies.

Realising that Toadie is in danger, Dee does her best to stay calm, but as Andrea knocks on Toadie’s door back in Ramsay Street dressed as Dee, will she manage to escape Heather and make it to Erinsborough before Toadie is fooled by Andrea once again?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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