Sasha felt like she was dumping Ricky when she chose Sir Tom as her Voice mentor

The Voice singer Sasha Simone has admitted that turning down Ricky Wilson as a mentor felt like dumping a boyfriend.

Contestant Sasha impressed both the Kaiser Chiefs frontman and Sir Tom Jones, who she chose as her coach, in Saturday night’s show – but said it was tough choosing which star she wanted to work with.

Both judges were impressed enough to turn their spinning chairs for her and battled to get her to join their teams, but a teary Sasha eventually plumped for Sir Tom.

Sasha Simone The Voice


She told The Sun of saying no to Ricky: “I felt like I was breaking up with him. But my head was like, ‘No, pick Tom!’”

However, the 25-year-old trainee bricklayer said that she had only just found out who her new mentor was before her audition by looking him up on YouTube.

She said: “I just thought, ‘Wow! That’s the kind of guy I want to have conversations with.’”

Sir Tom Jones The Voice

Sasha chose Sir Tom (BBC)

Sasha also added that BBC One’s The Voice was a perfect fit for her, saying she would not audition for ITV’s The X Factor: “I don’t think it would’ve suited me. It’s difficult to get on stage because of the way they select their contestants.”


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