Rory Cowan: ‘All the Mrs Brown’s Boys cast have a Christmas knees up at Brendan’s’

With two more crazy episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys showing this Christmas, Rory Cowan – who plays Mrs Brown’s son Rory – tells What’s On TV what to expect round at his Mammy’s house over the festive season…

Every year Mrs Brown has a mishap with her Christmas tree – what can we expect this year?
“Yes, every year! And this year something big happens with the tree again. It’s a very Christmassy special. She’s expecting people home, but as usual with Mrs Brown there’s pandemonium. Everything works out in the end, as it always does!”

Last year the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special was the biggest show on TV…
“Last year just blew us all away. Apparently, apart from the Olympics Opening Ceremony, our Christmas special had the highest ratings of the year on any British channel. We beat Downton Abbey, the Christmas episodes of Coronation Street and EastEnders. Ratings-wise, we beat everything. We didn’t expect it.”

You all seem to really enjoy making the show?
“I love it. I’m a big fan of Mrs Brown so when she goes off on one I start laughing. I’m not a trained actor so I can’t stifle a laugh. Brendan O’Carroll does something funny – Mrs Brown has got about 12 expressions – and she uses every one of them on me. I just start roaring with laughing and the audience know it’s not part of the act!”

Do the cast get together at Christmas?
“Brendan’s always in Ireland around Christmas time so we’ll always go to his house and he’s a really generous host. We have a good old knees’ up. It’s to say well done for a great year and about looking forward to next year. Christmas night wouldn’t be Christmas without it.”

Any future plans you can tell us about?
“We’re in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, then back to the UK in 2017. We’ve got to do another TV series, but I doubt it will happen next year because we’re touring so much. It depends when Brendan gets it written, but there’ll be another two Christmas specials next year anyway.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys screens on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 10.05pm and again on New Year’s Day at 9.35pm.

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