Pete’s Peek | Unleash your inner gunslinger as the Spaghetti Western hero Django rises again on Blu-ray

Django on Blu-ray

With Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained blazing its way in UK cinemas, the film that gave it its name and one of the many sequels are heading for a perfectly-timed Blu-ray and DVD re-release.

Django is a violent stylish 1966 Spaghetti Western from director Sergio Corbucci and starring Italian actor Franco Nero (he of the piercing blue eyes and designer stubble). Nero, who pops up in Tarantino’s new film, plays the eponymous gunslinger, in post-Civil War America, who sets two gangs against each other in order to get his hands on a shipment of gold. And his weapon of choice is the mighty Gatling machine gun which he has hidden inside a coffin…

The raw brutality of this testosterone-fuelled actioner, which set the standard for the genre, proved a real crowd puller on its release, made a star out of Nero (who went to Hollywood on the back of this film), and spawned over 30 sequels (the best being the perverse 1967 entry Django Kill!); and it has lost none of its magic in the Blu-ray release from Argent Films (out 21 January). Special features include an exclusive interview with Nero, in-depth presentation from Alex Cox, alternative scenes and original poster artwork.

Django, Prepare A Coffin

And talking of sequels, Django: Prepare A Coffin is also heading to DVD. Previously unavailable in the UK, the 1968 actioner finds Terence Hill stepping into Franco Nero’s muddy boots. This time round, amid a relentless catchy twangy theme tune, Django wants to settle a score with he man who killed his wife. However, after freeing a group of men from his hangman’s noose to help him exact his plan, Django hasn’t counted on greed getting the better of them…

Django, Prepare a Coffin

One of Tarantino’s favourites, this sequel features a gripping climax and signalled the beginning of Hill’s tenure as the next big thing in Spaghetti Western (Hill and director Ferdinando Baldi would later make the famed Trinity movies).

The new Arrow Video release comes with reversible sleeve artwork, collector’s booklet and the original film trailer and we had three copies to giveaway.

Our winners are Kieran Symons, Emma Piperno and Penny Russell. Congratulations! Your prizes will be with you shortly.

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