Patsy Palmer on returning to EastEnders: ‘It’s like going home’

The actress will reprise her role as Bianca Jackson this autumn.

After five years away, one of Albert Square’s most iconic residents is set to make a comeback, when Bianca Jackson returns to Walford for the wedding of adopted daughter Whitney.

EastEnders bosses teased Bianca’s comeback with a tantalising trailer back in May, tweeting: ‘Confident, brash and one of the Square’s loudest and most memorable characters, a trail of chaos is never far behind Bianca but just what brings her back to Walford?’

While it’s set to be a short stint, we’ve been promised Bianca’s return will ‘cause a stir’.

Actress Patsy Palmer has spent three weeks filming her comeback scenes. So what was it like to go back? ‘It’s been so much fun and it’s like going home,’ Patsy told Fabulous magazine, explaining that she still knows everyone who works on the EastEnders set, ‘from when I walk in the door at reception’.

But she admitted to finding the soap’s punishing filming schedule a challenge. ‘Even after just three week at work, I’m exhausted,’ she confessed. ‘I’m looking at them all and thinking, “God, this is hard!”’

‘Me and Danny Dyer were talking about it,’ she revealed. ‘He was new when I was there last time and back then he was full of energy and now he’s like… I mean, he’s there six days a week, 13 hours a day banging out one scene after another.

‘There’s hardly any rehearsal and they’re all trying to organise their lives and be with their families and have relationships outside of work. It’s difficult. No wonder I needed to do something else! But it’s great fun.’

‘I told them that they don’t realise how close they all are,’ she continued. ‘When I come back, I’ll slot back into those friendships where I can talk about anything and everything.’

Well, it’s all about family on the Square…

EastEnders continues on BBC1.

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