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The Broken - Lena Headey stars in Sean Ellis’s glossy horror thriller

British writer-director Sean Ellis exploits the eeriness of mirrors in The Broken, a glossy horror thriller starring Lena Headey as a London hospital radiologist who reckons she’s being haunted by her own double. Spooky things start happening around Headey’s Gina McVey after a huge mirror comes crashing from the wall during a birthday dinner party for her father, an American embassy bigwig played by Richard Jenkins. First she sees her own doppelganger passing by in a car, and then she comes to believe her boyfriend (Melvil Poupaud) is an impostor…

Ellis unblushingly borrows from a bunch of older movies, ranging from the famous (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) to the little known (notably the 1970 Roger Moore chiller The Man Who Haunted Himself), but he does conjure up a spine-tingling frisson of fear all his own when anyone passes a mirror. And if you dared to think that it was safe to go back into the shower, now that almost 50 years have passed since Psycho, he may make you think again with a spot of grisly mayhem that shows that ‘bloodbath’ isn’t just a lurid figure of speech.

Released 6th April

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