Out in Cinemas | Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience


For those of you not in the know (ie: anyone over 16), Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas, aka The Jonas Brothers, are Disney’s latest pop sensations. Three ultra-clean-cut lads (complete with chastity rings, folks) who have been setting tweenie hearts a flutter recently with pop-rock anthems such as Burnin’ Up, BB Good and SOS. Last year they played Madison Square Garden in New York to the delight of their throngs of screaming fans as part of their Burnin’ Up Tour and this is the film version of that experience for all those who couldn’t get a ticket.


Added into the mix is 2-D backstage footage which professes to give you a behind-the-scene glimpse of the regular guys behind the hype. Thus we get to see the brothers being woken up at the crack of dawn in their hotel room, bickering over their morning bagels, whipping off their shirts during a quick costume change, attending an album launch, doing an impromptu gig in Central Park and even getting chased down a Manhattan street by hordes of hysterical girls wielding ‘We Love Jonas’ banners. Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that last bit might have been faked, due to the fact that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the opening of A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles movie from way back when which virtually no-one buying tickets for this film is likely to remember.

But hey, who am I to rain on the Jonas’s parade? Their songs are catchy and full of energy, their stage show is professionally produced and they’ve certainly managed to tap into the current pre-teen scene if the popularity of their three best-selling albums and their sell-out tours is anything to go by.


In terms of musical highlights, I’d say the guest spot by current country music princess Taylor Swift doing Should’ve Said No and Demi Lovato‘s duet with Joe on This Is Me — the hit song from the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock which they starred in together — definitely qualify. Both girl singers have terrific voices, which did sort of put lead singer Joe’s not-quite-so-spectacular voice in the shade, but let’s face it his singing abilities are only part of his attraction for his core audience. He’s clearly got more than enough stage presence and pubescent sex appeal to make up for any vocal lack – and that’s without even factoring in his talent for back flips.

Plus, the 3-D effects mean that you do feel as if you’re in the auditorium. One sequence in which the Jonas boys get to fire-hose their fans with foam had everyone in the cinema ducking. As an old has-been who didn’t know a single one of their songs when I sat down, I was suitably entertained, while the two eleven-year-olds with me informed me the film was ‘sick’ (apparently a good thing). And I have to admit that there were a few moments when Joe was strutting his stuff that I was reminded a little of a young Mick Jagger in training – but minus the raunch and the lips, of course. This is after all a Disney Concert Experience.

Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience is out in cinemas this Friday, 29th May.

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