No Show for Captain Corelli

So there I was last night on my couch in front of the TV, looking forward to watching Captain Corelli’s Mandolin at 10.35pm. While waiting I took a look at the National Movie Awards, but not a big fan of awards galas I quickly became bored with all the waffle and the waiting and the ridiculously overlong clips. James Nesbitt made a charming presenter for this British celebration of “filum”, but I just have a short attention span for these sorts of things. I was pleased though to catch Meryl Streep picking up her award for best female performance for Mamma Mia! Totally deserved, she’s great.

Mamma Mia! - Meryl Streep

Anyway, when 10.35pm finally came, I switched over to BBC1 and I could hardly believe it when they announced that there’d been a change in the scheduled programming and that Captain Corelli’s Mandolin would be replaced by a topical documentary about the airline bomb plot that’s been in the news this week. This documentary actually was very interesting, but isn’t it annoying when you’ve geared up to watch something to be let down like that?

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