Nicolas Cage is certainly a bad lieutenant but is Mariah Carey really a good actress?

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paw-print.jpgNicolas Cage’s black comedy Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans hasn’t exactly smashed box office records, but it is enjoying excellent reviews all round.

paw-print.jpgGuy Pearce has joined the cast of Roger Donaldson’s vigilante thriller The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, starring Nicolas Cage and January Jones. Shooting starts in New Orleans in two weeks.

Guy Pearcepaw-print.jpgIf you haven’t heard, studio giant MGM put itself up for sale 13 November. Now the bidding is about to start. So if you’ve got $2billion littering your bank account then you might be the next movie mogul, but it’s likely that Time Warner, News Corp. or Lionsgate will beat you to it.

paw-print.jpgMariah Carey has won a Breakthrough Performance award at the annual Palm Springs International Film Festival for her role as social worker Mrs Weiss in Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. Looks like Mariah can finally put her Razzie days

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