Neighbours legend stunned after discovering they’re the victim of shocking revenge plot

Paul Robinson's world is shattered in today's Neighbours as a huge secret is revealed...

Today’s Neighbours sees Paul Robinson discover that his own daughter has been masterminding a plan to stop his wedding to Terese Willis from going ahead.

Neighbours fans have been treated to all of Paul Robinson’s ex wife coming back to Erinsborough over the last few weeks, starting with Gail, Lyn, and then of course Rebecca.

But when Paul and Terese decided to elope to Queensland in a bid to escape his ex wives, the pair couldn’t believe it when they came face to face with yet another former Mrs Robinson, Christina.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Paul’s wives have all made a return to Neighbours (Picture: Channel 5)

Paul was convinced that this was a message from the universe and called off his wedding to Terese, leaving the bride to be devastated… and today’s Neighbours sees Terese throw Paul out of their hotel room as she calls time on their relationship.

But when Christina’s sister Caroline sees what has been going on, she decides to intervene and reveals the truth about why Paul’s former flames have all been turning up unannounced.

While Paul struggles with the fact his romance with Terese is over, Terese is shocked to find Caroline at the door of her hotel room.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

Paul finds out the truth about Elle’s plan today (Picture: Channel 5)

Caroline begs Terese for a chance to explain, and before Terese knows what is happening Christina and Paul have been summoned and the truth starts to unravel.

While Christina is reluctant to reveal what has really been going on, Paul manages to get her to admit that someone has been orchestrating this whole plan to sabotage his future with Terese.

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But who would want to ruin Paul’s happiness in such a scheming way?

It turns out the culprit is actually far closer to home than Paul would care to realise… and it is his daughter Elle who has been behind the plot to sabotage his wedding with Terese.

Neighbours, Elle Robinson

Paul’s daughter Elle, last seen on screen almost a decade ago, makes an appearance on Neighbours today (Picture: Channel 5)

Paul is horrified when he realises it is one of his own children who has been plotting for his wives to return to his life and make his life a misery… but why has Elle got such a grudge against her dad?

As Paul faces Elle he is set to find out exactly what she has been planning for the last few weeks… but how will she explain her way out of this one?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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