Nathan’s dark and evil plan for Bethany unfolds!

Nasty Nathan has got smitten Bethany where he wants her - but will she see sense any time soon or be further drawn into his seedy world?

Unbeknownst  to naive teen Bethany, older man Nathan has been grooming her, but she’s fallen for the thirtysomething’s charm and revels in the attention of the older man who’s been playing her. After all, the 16-year-old was recently bullied at school and lacked confidence, then Nathan ‘rescued’ her and lavished praise when she needed it. But with her mum, Sarah, now keen to meet and vet him at a family dinner, will Nathan’s charm offensive win over the Platts too or will Sarah be suspicions about the intentions of Bethany’s much older man?

As for Bethany, will she escape Nathan’s controlling clutches or is it too late for the youngster?