Mrs Brown’s Boys to air on BBC1 every Christmas until 2020

Mrs Brown’s Boys will stay on air for Christmas specials until 2020, according to creator and star Brendan O’Carroll.

The comedian says that fans could expect to still be watching him at Christmas for years to come, after winning the festive ratings battle for the second year in a row by pulling in 7.61 million viewers for the BBC1 Christmas Day episode.

“I have been commissioned to write another two Christmas specials and the BBC are expecting Christmas specials up until 2020,” Brendan revealed.

“I am lucky enough that I can grow into the part and so that is nice. The Christmas special was quite naughty. But it was good fun to do.”

Brendan also said he had plans to branch out of the main show, using the hairdressing salon Mrs Brown’s son Rory (Rory Cowan) works in as a set: “I want to do a spin-off called Wash and Blow.”

And he says he would like to do a completely different series filmed at the arrivals gate of an airport: “I would like to film them and speak to them about who they are waiting for and why they are there.

“You would see a mother waiting for her son or daughter and the joy on their faces. You know the end of Love Actually and they do that montage and that’s what it’s like.”


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