Michael Palin to David Peckham: ‘You’re a wimp, really’

Michael Palin has joked that David Beckham was a wimp during the making of his new travel documentary, but still thinks the former footballer should continue making the programmes.

The Monty Python star and travel presenter interviewed Becks about his BBC programme David Beckham Into The Unknown, where he motorcycles with three friends into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Referring to a scene where Becks faces his fears in the form of a snake and a frog, Michael said: “You’re a wimp, really.”

Becks, who said he wasn’t comfortable not knowing what was around him when he slept at night in the jungle, admitted: “I wish the snake had been bigger. I am not a big frog fan, I can’t lie.”

He added of his overnight stay: “The whole time we were there one of the tribesman was behind each of us with a machete so it was kind of nerve-racking to start off with, to go into that situation. I was kind of nervous [but] after a while we sat down [with them] and talked through certain things, which was incredible.”

Michael, despite teasing him over his fears and calling parts of the documentary ‘more David Beckham than David Attenborough’, said he thought David would make a good travel presenter in other programmes, too.

He said: “I hope you do do some more because the combination works really well. It works well. You are a good observer. You are not pushing your own ideas.”

David revealed: “This is something I would definitely like to continue doing.”



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