Martin Freeman stars in The Hobbit meets The Office parody (VIDEO)

Martin Freeman has combined two of his most famous roles – Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit and Tim from The Office – in a hilarious new sketch for Saturday Night Live.

The Sherlock star – who rose to fame as hapless Tim Canterbury in the hit BBC sitcom – has appeared in a spoof for the US comedy show The Office: Middle Earth.

Martin is seen wearing his wig and ears from The Hobbit with a suit in the sketch, shot in mock documentary style like The Office.

Gandalf is his boss, wearing the wizard’s cape and hat, but spouting cringe-worthy rent-a-quotes like David Brent.

The character of Tim’s nemesis Gareth has been combined with Gollum, who is furious to find Martin has hidden his ring in a jelly, just like Tim does with Gareth’s stapler in The Office.

The sketch already has over 96,000 views on YouTube.


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