Martin Freeman explains why he wants you to vote Labour

Labour has kicked off its election campaign by recruiting two big-name actors for its first party election broadcasts: The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman and Doctor Who’s David Tennant.

The short film, due to premiere tomorrow, features Sherlock and The Office star Martin Freeman giving his backing to the party and warning the Conservatives have ‘sod-all to offer the young’.

“Really, for me, there’s only one choice, and I choose Labour,” he declares.

The full clip, which also has a voiceover from Tennant, can be seen here:

But is Freeman’s reasoning enough to win over voters? The reaction on Twitter has been very mixed so far, although Freeman certainly had plenty of supporters.



Others pointed out that there was no mention of Labour leader Ed Miliband.


Some people were just confused.


Not everyone was convinced that a celebrity-endorsed message was really the right way to go about winning voters.



And some were less enthused by Freeman’s message.



Finally – the moment you’ve all been waiting for – here are the inevitable Hobbit jokes.



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