Martin Clunes on his new comedy character Warren: ‘He’s grumpy but in a very different way to Doc Martin’

Martin Clunes - pictured as Warren - reveals all about his new sitcom

Martin Clunes will be back with his ITV drama Doc Martin in 2019, but he’s keeping busy this year with new BBC1 sitcom Warren.

“For ages I said I didn’t want to do any more half-hour comedy,” Martin, 56, revealed to TV Times

“If you’ve been in Men Behaving Badly, well that’s pretty good… I felt like I’d done sitcom. But I read the script and it was just really funny. I knew if they offered it to me, I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.”

Martin, who also starred in a BBC revival of Reggie Perrin, will play a pedantic driving instructor, Warren, who hates everyone around him except his partner, Anne.

Warren and his two step-children are forced to move up North to Preston when Anne’s father becomes unwell. “He’s horrible and you like him because of that!” laughed Martin.

“He’s horrible to everyone but Anne, but he’s always at great pains to point out that he’s not actually married. He’s grumpy but in a very different way to Doc Martin – he’s really not as smart! I liked the script because it’s just like an old-fashioned sitcom, except it’s not done in front of a live audience.”

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