Martin Clunes ‘gutted’ Warren was axed after just one series

Martin had fun playing the grouchy driving instructor

Martin Clunes has revealed that he’s gutted that the BBC axed his comedy Warren after just one series.

The 57-year-old star, who’s just about the return for a new series of Doc Martin, played grumpy Warren Thompson, a proud Southerner forced to move up North with his partner, Anne, and her two teenage boys.

Warren made its debut earlier this year, but the BBC decided not to order a second run.

Speaking to TV Times, Martin said that he “was gutted that they canned Warren”.

He continued: “From what I could make out, they didn’t like the people who were watching it – too old and too blue collar.”

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Doc Martin buddy the dog

Martin Clunes is just about to return to ITV for a new series of Doc Martin

Series creator Jimmy Donny Cosgrove originally broke the news on twitter earlier this year that Warren wouldn’t be returning.

He wrote: “Today I bought the DVD of my very own TV series Warren. Sadly, the BBC never bought the second series of my very own TV series Warren but thems the breaks.

“Thanks to everyone who watched, supported, and encouraged. Hopefully this isn’t the end, but just the beginning.”

Martin is clearly sad to be waving goodbye to Warren and previously made clear how much he enjoyed playing him.

Describing Warren, he said: “Self-satisfied, completely without conscience, short-sighted and awful! But he’s joyous to play.

“He’s completely unsympathetic but he does love his partner Anne [played by The A Word’s Lisa Millett], who is just adorable. He gets himself in such a pickle and she gets him out of it with her common sense, because he gets quite worked up – they’re mutually dependent.

“There are bits of Warren that I admire, actually, a bit like Doc Martin – I wish I had the confidence to be that rude to people!”

At least fans of Martin Clunes have a new series of Doc Martin to look forward to.

Doc Martin returns on Wednesday 25th September at 9pm on ITV.

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