Love Island villa rocked as single boy Adam couples up with another man’s girl

The personal trainer’s move will leave another contestant vulnerable as Islanders’ secrets are revealed in a new challenge.

The Love Island villa is already being rocked by a dramatic new coupling, Tuesday night’s episode will show, as Islanders embark on their first challenge.

Single boy Adam Collard is set to couple up with another man’s girl and leave one contestant on his own, sending shockwaves through the house.

Viewers tuning in to the series, which is already the most popular in the show’s history, will see Adam and his new partner go on a date.

“The decision that I’ve made is based on the chats that I’ve had. I’ve tried to get to know all of you one by one,” the 22-year-old personal trainer will say.

“The girl that I’ve decided to couple up with, from the conversations that I’ve had (with her), she is a good person and she definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me,” he will add.

The newly-single boy will then be told by text that a recoupling will take place at the end of the week and that “the Islander not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island”.

Meanwhile, the Islanders’ juicy first challenge reveals their “scandalous secrets”, leaving them nervous.

The luggage carousel-themed Excess Baggage challenge sees the boys pitted against the girls.

The girls’ suitcases will land on the boys’ carousel and vice versa, and each contestant will open the case and read out a fact about the anonymous owner.


Contestants will then have to snog the Islander which they think the fact pertains to, before revealing the correct answer on the luggage tag.

Facts will include “This boy says he has cheated on all his previous girlfriends,” and “This girl claims to have dated a well-known Hollywood movie star”.

Monday’s 95-minute launch episode pulled in an average of 2.9 million viewers and peaked at 3.4 million, ratings show.

Love Island returns to ITV2 at 9pm.

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