Lorraine Kelly reveals who she’s backing in the World Cup – and it’s not England!

The TV presenter was quizzed by Piers Morgan ahead of the the sporting event.

Scottish presenter Lorraine Kelly has said she will support Iceland in the World Cup as she sidestepped questions from Piers Morgan about her support for England.

Lorraine, 58, was talking to Good Morning Britain ahead of Wednesday’s instalment of her ITV show.

Despite being asked twice if she would prefer Iceland or England to win the World Cup, she did not commit to a definitive answer.

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Lorraine Kelly is backing Iceland (PA)

The conversation was sparked as she told Piers: “Do you know who I will be really rooting for? Iceland.”

Quizzed by him as to why, she replied: “Because they’re brilliant and it’s a tiny, tiny wee country and they’ve done amazingly well to be there.”

Piers said: “This is the trouble with Scots. Every time I try and warm to you, you know, even when you beat England at cricket, you say things like you’d rather Iceland win as well?”

Lorraine hit back at his suggestion saying that she had not said she wanted Iceland to win, adding: “You’re putting words into my mouth.”

After asking her directly if she would prefer Iceland or England to win the World Cup, Lorraine told Morgan: “Well, because I live here, I don’t know, don’t put me on the spot like that, that’s mean… I don’t know… You’re treating me like one of these MPs that you grill over Brexit.”

Some viewers of the morning breakfast show reacted to Kelly’s disclosure about Iceland, with one commenting: “@lorraine would rather support Iceland than the country #England who pay her wages! The cheek of it really”, followed by a smiley face emoji.


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