Life will never be the same again for THIS Neighbours couple after bombshell news rocks them

There's some huge news heading for Neighbours couple Mark and Elly Brennan next week...

Neighbours has lined up yet another twist in Mark and Elly’s rocky relationship next week when the newlyweds find out they’re going to be parents!

In dramatic scenes this week, Mark and Elly finally tie the knot following a lot of pre-wedding drama.

But just after the pair have said ‘I do’ there is a huge fallout when the truth about Elly and Chloe’s night together is revealed.

With Mark feeling totally betrayed by his sister and his new wife, next week sees him ask Elly for an annulment on their marriage, leaving her heartbroken.

Neighbours, Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Mark and Elly’s wedding day ends in disaster this week…

But while she struggles to come to terms with the fact she has lost the man of her dreams thanks to her misguided feelings for his sister, Elly is stunned when she takes a pregnancy test and finds out that it is positive.

Knowing that Mark has always wanted a family off his own, Elly is sure this could change things between them. But she’s also worried that the news will force him to get back together with her because he feels like he should, not because he wants to.

Determined not to use her baby news as bait, Elly meets with Mark and asks him for another chance to make their marriage work without revealing she’s pregnant.

But when Mark holds firm on his decision that he wants to get out of their marriage as quickly as possible, Elly can’t help but tell him her news.

Neighbours, Elly Conway

Elly is pregnant!

Mark is understandably thrown by Elly’s revelation, and having just lost his best friend Sonya, and also discovered Elly’s betrayal on his wedding day, he needs some time to process this latest bombshell.

Despite wondering if he can ever forgive Elly, he decides to meet her the following day and talk things through… but when he sees her being comforted by Chloe it seems this could be the final straw for the police officer.

As Elly follows Mark home to explain that he has got the wrong end of the stick, will she manage to get through to Mark and persuade him to forgive her?

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Picture credits: Channel 5

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