Lee Marvin: Point Blank | The definitive portrait of the Hollywood heavyweight

Lee Marvin: Point Blank

Lee Marvin: Point Blank is the first truly authoritative account of the iconic actor’s life to go beyond the sensational, moralising books that have appeared before. Written by Dwayne Epstein and topping The New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s bestseller lists, this acclaimed biography offers an intimate appreciation of the Hollywood heavyweight.

Lee Marvin: Point Blank

On screen, Marvin (1924-1987) was best known for his tough guy action man roles in such classic movies as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Dirty Dozen and The Big Red One, but except for many sensational tabloid reports on his boozing, brawling and broads very little is known of the complicated figure’s personal life, in particular the harrowing combat he witnessed in the Pacific during World War Two and the post-traumatic depression that blighted his life and fuelled his rage and alcoholism.

Now, with the support of family members, friends and colleagues, Epstein masterfully reconstructs Marvin’s complicated life to reveal the man behind the macho legend. Its a read that’s hard to put down once you start.

Lee Marvin: Point Blank is by Schaffner Press Inc (US) and released in the UK through Gazelle Books


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