Joy for THIS Coronation Street favourite as they reach this milestone

There is happiness heading for Sinead Tinker next week when her world is turned upside down for all the right reasons...

Next week sees Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker reach a huge milestone as she has her last round of treatment in her battle against cervical cancer.

Soap fans will know that Sinead has faced a gruelling few months after being diagnosed with cancer while she was first pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Sinead became convinced that her treatment for cancer would harm her unborn baby and secretly stopped having treatment, deciding to look into alternative therapies instead.

Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street

At last Sinead has something to smile about

But when she discovered her cancer had spread, Sinead was talked into having treatment again and thankfully she started her chemotherapy sessions once again.

However before she could have her treatment Sinead was stunned when doctors told her they would need to deliver her baby, and little Bertie was born prematurely.

Thankfully things start to look up for Sinead next week. Not only has little Bertie been allowed home recently, but the end of Sinead’s gruelling treatment is now in sight.

The new mum is terrified as she prepares for her overnight stay in hospital, confessing to husband Daniel that she doesn’t know what she will do if the treatment hasn’t worked.

Admitting that she doesn’t think she is strong enough to go through chemotherapy again, Sinead packs her bags for her last course of treatment, with Daniel promising he and Bertie will be waiting for her when she comes home.

Daniel couldn’t be more proud as he watches an emotional Sinead ring the bell at the hospital, signalling the end of her treatment and it isn’t long before the pair allow themselves to start looking towards the future.

Daniel suggests they should hold a naming ceremony for little Bertie, but Sinead is adamant that her family will expect a more traditional christening.

While they might not be able to agree for now, it seems the pair are thrilled to finally have the same issues as other couples.

Could the worst now be behind the long-suffering pair?

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