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Jennifer Hudson: ‘I KNOW I have the winner of The Voice UK!’ (VIDEO)

US singer/actress Jennifer Hudson is about to star as a coach on The Voice UK and she spoke to What's on TV about her approach to her new role

Oscar-winning US star Jennifer Hudson is taking no prisoners ahead of her debut on The Voice UK – “I know I have the winner, no doubt in my mind… and that is that!”

Jennifer, 35 – who won an Oscar for Dreamgirls in 2007 after first capturing public attention for controversially being eliminated in American Idol in 2004 – starts her coaching role on Saturday on ITV.

She explained to What’s on TV her approach to her new gig: “The JHUD Productions team is very passionate about a group, very passionate about music, voices, real talent. I’d just like to support that talent. Back it up and be as honest and authentic and real as I possibly can with the contestants, just to give them that extra push to make it through.”

She continued: “Because I came from a position like that. Being a contestant on the show to being a coach – who gets to do that? Then I feel as though I could give them good advice, from my experience, from once being in their position, so hopefully that helps.”

As a performer how does she feel about turning judge? “It’s fun being on the other side, it can get a little heavy at times because, again, my heart goes out to them that much more because I know what this represents, I know what it means, I know how life-changing it is. I feel like I’m in THEIR position while I’m watching them in that position.”

Watch Jennifer make her premiere in The Voice UK on ITV on Saturday, January 7 at 8pm



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