Is this THE most unexpected twist EastEnders has seen all year? EastEnders fans were loving THIS bombshell tonight

It turns out EastEnders' Stuart Highway has been hiding an unexpected secret...

Tonight’s EastEnders aired a huge twist that no one saw coming… but for once it had nothing to do with Sharon and Keanu’s baby secret or Linda’s downward spiral as she continues drinking.

This time the shock bombshell focused on the fact that Stuart Highway – formerly the most formidable man in Walford – has apparently got a secret passion for floristry!

Stuart becomes a florist in EastEnders

Stuart revealed his passion for flower arranging after Jay caught him with the funeral parlour florist delivery (Credit: BBC)

The hilarious revelation came when Callum and Tiffany raced off to save Whitney from Leo’s evil vendetta to clear his paedophile dad’s name.

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Needing someone to look after the funeral parlour while he was on a mission to save his ex, Callum threw the keys to his brother and asked him to step in as a favour.

But Stuart was surprisingly happy to help out, and even the fact that Callum told him that strictly under no circumstances must he touch a dead body, wasn’t enough to put him off.

Stuart becomes a florist in EastEnders

Who knew Stuart had such a secret passion for floristry?! (Credit: BBC)

Fans might have been baffled by Stuart’s eagerness to help with a funeral parlour flower delivery, but all soon became clear when Jay got back to the undertakers and found Stuart flower arranging!

Finding all the fresh flowers arranged beautifully into bouquets and floral designs, the shocking turn of events left Jay confused.

But soon Stuart confessed that he found flower arranging ‘therapeutic’ and that he was self taught after ‘reading a book and watching videos about it’. Who knew?!

But Jay wasn’t the only one left pleasantly surprised by Stuart’s secret passion, fans were loving it too…

EastEnders viewers have seen a much softer side to Stuart since he has started living with Dot Cotton and dating Rainie Branning… but just last Christmas Stuart was terrorising the Carter family while his best friend Mick served time in jail after he framed him for his attempted murder.

Stuart becomes a florist in EastEnders

Stuart’s passion landed him a new job at the funeral parlour (Credit: BBC)

However, fast forward a year and Stuart is now a flower-arranging romantic who apparently wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Who saw that coming?!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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