Is this Coronation Street favourite set to be KILLED OFF next week?

There's drama heading for Coronation Street next week as Shona Ramsey gets held hostage...

There’s some serious danger heading for Coronation Street next week when Shona Ramsey finds herself dramatically being held hostage – by her own son!

The drama starts when Shona decides to go to Clayton’s dad’s funeral, and takes Billy along with her for moral support.

But once they’re there, things rapidly go downhill when Clayton decides to escape from his prison guard just as they’re laying his dad to rest.

Coronation Street spoilers: What does Clayton want from Shona Ramsey?

Clayton has been manipulating Shona for weeks in Coronation Street

The official website for Coronation Street revealed today: “Billy offers to accompany Shona to Dane’s funeral, but when they arrive Macca tells Shona she is not welcome.

“How will she react when Clayton wants nothing to do with her?”

But it soon becomes clear that her son not forgiving her for his prison beating is the least of the worried mum’s problems, because it’s not long before trouble erupts at the funeral service.

Coronation Street spoilers: Shona Ramsey puts Clayton in hospital!

Shona felt awful when Clayton was beaten up in prison

Macca attacks the prison guard holding Clayton, and Kylie’s killer makes a run for it while he has the chance… but Coronation Street has confirmed that this isn’t the last we will be seeing of the murderer.

“Later, Shona steals £3k from David… but what it is for? Clayton has escaped, but with the police closing in, he holds Shona hostage!”

But as Clayton tries to hide from the police, David finds out that Shona is in danger and he panics that history is about to repeat itself.

David and Shona in Coronation Street

Is David about to lose another woman he loves thanks to evil Clayton?

“A haunted David races to the scene, as the woman he loves is held captive by the man who murdered his wife. David watches in horror as Clayton holds a knife to Shona. Will she survive?”

Make sure you tune in to Coronation Street all next week to find out if David is about to lose another person he loves at the hands of evil killer Clayton.

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