Is Gary Barlow about to take on ‘furious’ Simon Cowell?

It’s a bad news day for music mogul Simon Cowell. Not only has DJ Nick Grimsby announced he’s leaving The X Factor judging panel, but it’s reported Gary Barlow is also going to launch a new talent show.

According to a report in The Sun a source has revealed former X Factor panellist Gary Barlow has set his sights on making a new BBC Saturday night show that will put him in direct competition with his former boss!

The unnamed source has been quoted as saying: “This is Gary’s own format that will be made by the BBC entertainment team.

“If it’s a success he could make millions of pounds around the world like Cowell has with The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.”

The source added: “Cowell is going to be furious because he thinks it was The X Factor that gave Gary the experience of working on a show like this.”

Take That’s Gary Barlow joined Simon Cowell’s The X Factor for three series of the popular ITV music talent show, from 2011 to 2013.

According to the BBC have confirmed they’re considering Gary’s ideas, with a spokesperson saying: “This is one of a number of ideas being considered for Saturday nights on BBC One and nothing has been green lit yet”
Only time will tell whether Gary, 45, really is going to set himself up in direct competition with Simon Cowell, 56, with a talent show when The Voice leaves the BBC for its new home at ITV in 2017…

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