Is Death in Paradise cancelled? Will there be a series 10?

Death in Paradise will be back!

Death in Paradise fans will be delighted to know that the series hasn’t been cancelled by the BBC.

However, filming of the tenth series has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The cast, including Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker, were due to start filming series 10 in the spring.

Will Death in Paradise return in 2021?

Death in Paradise Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker

Ralf Little is returning for series 10

Yes, although it’s unclear now exactly when. Normally, Death in Paradise brightens up our dreary winters every year in January. However, filming being delayed means the start date could now be pushed back.

Creator Robert Thorogood said back in March: “Very sad to report that Death in Paradise series 10 won’t start filming next month in wonderful Guadeloupe. We’re all bit thrown to say the least, but we’ll be back – at some point – and look forward to start killing people again as soon as possible.”

Who is the Death in Paradise series 10 cast?

The Commissioner in Death in Paradise

Who can resist the charming Commissioner in Death in Paradise?

As stated Ralf Little will be back as DI Neville Parker. Also believed to be returning is Aude Legastelois as DS Madeline Dumas. The French actress took over leading detective duties following the departure of Josephine Jobert as Florence Cassell.

She was initially seen alongside Ardal O Hanlon before he left his part as DI Jack Mooney. Also thought to be returning is Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, who’s been with the show since the start. Plus Shyko Amos – just seen on Celebrity MasterChef – as Officer Ruby Patterson, Tobi Bakare as DS JP Hooper, and Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey.

It’s unlikely the BBC will be cancelling Death in Paradise anytime soon as it remains a hugely popular show.

Is Dwyane returning?

Red Dwarf legend Danny-John Jules was much-loved as Office Dwayne Myers. Sadly, we don’t think Dwayne will be returning. However, the character hasn’t been killed off so there’s always a chance Danny John-Jules could make a cameo appearance. Now that would be fun!

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