‘I’d put my boys in the hold if I could!’ jokes Kirstie Allsopp about her much debated flying arrangements

The presenter revealed her children like the independence when she sometimes sits in premium economy.

Kirstie Allsopp has defended her much-discussed travel arrangements, saying her children like to sit on their own in the economy section on flights.

She spoke out after revealing to the Sun earlier this month that she sometimes flies separately from her sons by sitting in premium economy.

The Location, Location, Location presenter – who’s been teased by the LLL crew during filming for the new series – told Good Morning Britain: “If I’m in economy, I’m with the kids obviously because there’s nothing further back.

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Kirstie Allsopp says sons Bay and Oscar prefer sitting separately from her on a plane (Anthony Devlin/PA Images)

“I’d put them in the hold if I could! They love being by themselves because I’m a bit of a tough mum. I won’t let them drink sugary drinks or watch 15 movies or be in business class with me.”

She added that her sons, Bay, 12, and 10-year-old Oscar prefer the independence of sitting away from her.

“They think that being on a plane is all about doing the things that I don’t let them do, so when this whole thing kicked off they were like ‘Mum, but last time we were on a plane we watched Baywatch and you’d never have allowed that.

“‘You’re not gonna sit with us, are you?’ And I was like ‘Don’t worry, I’m not gonna sit with you’.”

The C4 star earlier suffered a backlash over her policy, and defended herself on Twitter.

Earlier this month, she said: “When we fly as a family, the boys do sit separately from (partner) Ben & me if we’re not in economy together.”

She added: “Club Class should be a huge treat that you’ve worked hard for. If kids get used to Club Class, what do they have to work towards?”

TV chef Gordon Ramsay previously said he did not pay for his four children to fly first class because it was not necessary for them to travel that way.

Other parents responded to Kirstie’s tweet, saying they did the same with their children.

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