Has the X Factor found the British Lady Gaga in Queen Christina?

Judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl, Mel B and Louis Walsh sit stunned in the third round of X Factor auditions, as Queen Christina arrives and announces that she is the “British version of Lady Gaga”.

Well, they’ve struck gold if she is…

“It’s art, fashion and a music project, a little like Lady Gaga,” says Queen Christina, explaining the performance the judges are about to see.

“I’ve been singing since I was four,” she continues. “Lo and behold, a couple of years ago my voice went into the stratosphere. It was a freak of nature really. A lot of people say I sound like a dead ringer for Kate Bush. Most of my friends call me ‘QC’ and I sign my card Queen Christina.”

But is she really Britain’s answer to Lady Gaga?

Or is she just 40-year-old Christina, from Loughton in Essex?

The judges were unanimous with their vote.

Watch The X Factor on ITV, Saturday, September, at 8.00pm, to find out how they voted.

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